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Family Secrets
What would you do to keep your family safe?

Widowed genealogist Ellie McLellan has spent years healing her ravished heart by carefully constructing a new and quiet life away from the hungry glare of the paparazzi. She now fills her days with genealogical research for various clients, safe in the small town of Percyville, Quebec.

Until her bid to save a child’s life is caught on camera and ambitious tabloid reporter Diane Cooper recognizes her. Turns out Ellie is not safe at all.

With Diane sniffing around for dirt and her “big break” story, Ellie learns a dark family secret with the power to destroy the only family she has left—and the first tentative relationship she’s dared to believe in since that fateful day she lost everything.

To protect her family, Ellie must follow every clue and use every skill she possesses in her race to stay ahead of the ruthless Diane and learn the truth about the genealogical mystery she has stumbled upon.

No more hiding. This time, Ellie will fight.

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Amazing Debut Novel

Family Secrets is a combination of genealogy, mystery, romance, family and friendships. Beth Farrar uses just the right mix of all to bring the reader a fabulous story. Extremely well written, marvelously touching, showing what true love of family is about. I want to sit down at Maggie's and share a cookie with Ellie, telling her my family secrets. Highly recommended

~ April Willis
GoodReads Reviewer


Love this

I love this genre of books, I find them so interesting and thought provoking. I will definitely look out for the next book in the series.

~ Claire Harris
GoodReads Reviewer


Who's Beth Farrar?

I write genealogy mysteries set in a fictional small town in Quebec, Canada. I also believe that writing your own personal history can be fun, and sometimes finding those memories can be tricky!

I hope you enjoy following Ellie and her friends in my books as they solve family mysteries and learn to write their own memoirs.


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